Sri Lankan’s Mobilized to Achieve Reconciliation and Transformation
“SMART (Sri Lankan’s Mobilized to Achieve Reconciliation and Transformation)” with partnership of SFCG and RPR of Mannar, Sri Lanka on 20th ,21st and 22nd November 2015 - 1st training for youth.
Enhancing women’s political participation engaging Youth
“Enhancing women’s political participation engaging Youth” – Colombo University half day program – at Janaki Hotel Colombo on the 5th November 2015, Sponsored by UN women with RNE funding.
Gender responsive policy design and implementation
“Gender responsive policy design and implementation” a two day workshop for women and men politicians of all three tiers and trade union leaders, first ever of its kind held in Sri Lanka.


Promoting Women’s Political Participation

In comparison with other South Asian countries, there is no special quota for women or a special political academy for women to address their training needs for participation in politics in Sri Lanka. An earlier proposal for a 25% quota for Sri Lankan women in local bodies was dropped on the grounds that political parties would not be able to find women candidates.Learn more

Women, Security and Peace – Realizing UNSCR 1325
photo 3Training local level law enforcement officials, civil security committee members, health officials and representatives of the local clergy on UNSCR 1325  and 1820 with particular emphasis on women’s and girl’s security Learn more 

Interactive dialogue – What the Women say – 15 Years of UNSCR 1325, 2014 

A two day interactive dialogue took place to discuss about the advocacy road map and its implementation. Members of the Parliamentary Caucus, Membears of the Provincial Council and Local Governments, architects of the Advocacy Road map, FOKUS partners, and representatives from embassies, members of the team 1325 as well as several members from the civil society took part in this two day seminar. This seminar also gained the input of an international expert, Madam Sanam Naraghi, cofounder of International Civil Society Action Net Work as well as a member of the civil society drafters of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace and security.Learn more

Discussion on the Commonalities of the Parliamentary Women’s Caucus Action Plan and the Advocacy Road Map on UNSCR 1325, 2014

A two day workshop was conducted to draft the commonalities of the Parliamentary women’sB caucus action plan and the road map on UNSCR 1325 in Dec 2014. Sixteen participants, including one Member of the parliamentary caucus, a member of the provincial council, architects of the advocacy road map and university students took part in the discussion.Learn more 

Bringing Villages to Normalcy, Upholding Traditional Values towards Reconciliation” 2014.

AWAW conducted a residential training workshop at Hotel Hilltop from 10th of September to the 14th of September on five interrelated subjects that covers basic law, human rights, CEDAW convention, UNSCR 1325 and 1820 andc other relevant international and domestic instruments to 12 participants that comprised women lawyers, social workers and law apprentices.   At the end of the program a pool of 10 women experts were selected and a training manual was prepared based on the five day training in order to use as a manual in facilitating the town level meetings. Experts on the subjects were brought in as resource personal from ministries, Universities, and civil society networks to facilitate the TOT. Followed by the residential TOT, selected women lawyers conducted 10 town level one day training in each of the selected 05 districts for 300 women and men participants on human rights, CEDAW convention, UNSCR 1325 and 1820 and other international and local conventions and legal instruments. A significant portion of these participants comprised of youth, and leaders from community based organizations and prefects from schools.Read more

“Women’s Space in the Political Arena: Proposals from the Parliamentary Caucus”2014

dAWAW organized the two day interactive dialogue “Women’s Space in the Political Arena: Proposals from the Parliamentary Caucus” with the generous support of the Office of the Public Diplomacy of the U.S. Embassy.Forty eight female participants including one Parliament member, five provincial Council members and thirty Local government members of all political parties of the country, and women leaders including civil society members from all districts comprising all ethnic and religious groups of Sri Lanka participated in this conference.Learn more

Awareness Campaign

We were able to raise awareness through our advocacy and awareness campaign where nearly two hundred thousand people were reached directly through public meetings, posters, sticdkers and leaflets and many more through banners and children of all ages through our essay and poster competition. We were also able to reach all 431 police stations in the country, where each and every one was given banners leaflets and posters.Learn more 


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