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Friends of the Association of War Affected Women (FAWAW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the sustainability of grassroots organizations around the world working on women, peace and security issues through grant making, resource sharing, education and awareness raising. Friends of the Association of War Affected Women is a sister organization of the Association of War Affected Women, established in 2000 in Sri Lanka to works towards strengthening democracy, women’s advancement and equal participation in order to achieve sustainable development and permanent peace in Sri Lanka.


Value the labour and expertise and contributions of those working in the social sector towards women, peace and security- and the contributions of grassroots leaders


A peaceful world where women have created a network of women peace ambassadors in securing a better tomorrow for all


To enable war affected women’s groups who are working on peace and security at the grassroots to contribute fully with increased capacity through flexible grant making and capacity building.


Friends of AWAW is capacitated to be a Fully established organization in NYC in order to carry out small grant making and capacity building for war affected women’s organizations and to raise awareness among the donors and UN system .

The Friends of Association of War Affected Women (Friends of AWAW.inc) is  a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization


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The Association of War Affected Women is Associated with the United Nations Department of economic and social council and was awarded Special consultative status to the United Nations department of ecosoc