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The Association of War Affected Women was established in 2000 to create a space for war affected  women,  specifically  mothers  and  wives,  of those  who  are  missing  to  come together across the  divide  to  work  for  peace.  The Association of War Affected Women is committed  to achieve  sustainable  peace  in  Sri  Lanka and around the world  and  believes  that  peace  has  to  be Negotiated through an inclusive process.

We     are     also     deeply     committed     to     safeguard     democracy     and     rights     of     all, specifically women’s rights and advancement.  As  we believe  that  people’s  rights  have  to be  safeguarded  and  democracy  has  to  be  strengthening  in  order  to  create  a  conducive atmosphere  for  peace  to prevail.  We  are  working  towards  a  peaceful  World (Sri  Lanka),  where all  its  peoples  will  be  able  to live with dignity, enjoying equal  Read more

What we do

New AWAW Annual report 2016

Written submissions to the public consultations committee on constitutional reforms by Women Political Leaders of Sri Lanka


The Road to Reconciliation. Justice, hope and Dignity in Sri Lanka. Side event on the occasion of the 60th CSW session Held in NYC

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Workshop on Communication skills for Women politicians in Sri Lanka



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Looking back to the disappearance of her son, a Sri Lankan military officer who was reported Missing in Action, Visaka Dharmadasa the Founder of Association of War Affected Women talks about how it shaped her drive to work for peace in her country. She speaks on the role of women peacemakers in situations of conflict and what will happen if the world adopts women’s definition of security. Learn more about Visaka – Founder of AWAW

Meeting with the U.S. Ambassador –at-Large  for Global Women Issues Cathy Russell

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We are in New York now Find out more

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The Friends of Association of War Affected Women (Friends of AWAW.inc) is  a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization


The Association of War Affected Women is Associated with the United Nations Department of economic and social council and was awarded Special consultative status to the United Nations department of ecosoc